Remember, remember the Moldavian rebellion? – cea din 2009

Urmatoarele cuvinte vor fi ale mele, adica dau copy paste articolului meu scris pe Balkan Decentralized Network, un site care a fost din ianuarie 2008 si pana pe la sfarsitul anului 2009, un promotor de informare alternativa, mai ales cu cele intamplate in Balcani. Am avut si eu ocazia sa scriu ceva despre acele proteste din Republica Moldova din 5-12 aprilie 2009. Si ma intreb, cati dintre voi mai tinteti minte ceea ce s-a intamplat atunci. Eu mai tin minte cum abia asteptam sa ajung acasa de la scoala si sa vad sau sa mai citesc pe internet ce s-a mai intamplat si cum asteptam ora 00, ca sa pot sa mai scriu la articolul acesta de mai jos, ca toti cei care au citit articolul sa stie.

Chit ca m-am bazat foarte mult pe media mainstream, am incercat sa omit acele idei pe care le-am considerat drept minciuni sau care instigau la anumite forme de „nu se intampla nimic aici, treceti mai departe”. Dar am incercat sa aflu din cat mai multe surse posibile…

Mna, articolul suna asa (mai are greseli, si nu le voi corecta, pentru a pastra totul in forma originala), si este in engleza:

5th of April. People went to vote the parties for the seats in the Parliament. The Communist Party won for the third time with 61 seats (there are 101 seats in total) in the Parliament. The people say the election result was fraudulent. Some 200.000 dead people voted and some other 500.000 people that live no more in Moldavia, voted also. Because of their large number of seats won in the Parliament, Vladimir Voronin is, again, for the third time President of the country, without being voted by the people.

7th of April. Some 10.000 people, mostly students, started a protest in Chisinau, the capital of the country. They want the votes to be canceled and to be done again. The government feeling unsecured, called for protection. 5000 police and army came to places like the Presidency Office and the Parliament. Cell phones do not work in Chisinau and the national televisions have their web sites closed. Police form a line of shields and those that protest start shouting slogans like „we want to unite with Romania” or „ole! ole! Voronin is no more!”. They wave Romanian and UE flags showing that they want liberty from the iron hand of communism. Street fights begin. The police start running to protect their key points, while the protesters throw rocks to them. The Presidency Office was captured and the furniture was taken outside and put to fire. In the evening the protesters started throwing rocks and molotov cocktails in the Parliament. Police started throwing with tear-gas, some exploding at some people having their legs chopped off .By night, some rooms of the Parliament were burning. One protester died from suffocating in the smoke. Some 55 people are in critical status at the hospital. Two cops died also. Protests happened in Romania, in cities lik Cluj Napoca, Bucharest, Timisoara, Brasov. Many Moldavian students returned to Republic of Moldavia…well, they tried as some were returned from the border with the country. All Moldavian televisions didn’t show what happened in the capital…what people saw was some children programs, football and so on, nothing about the protest.

8th April. In the night, the Parliament was recaptured by the army. All protesters fled as, it is rumored that there was a army action. They restarted the protest today, at 11 o’clock, local time. Some 150 students were captured by the police and were not seen since. All students that were at the hospital in critical status, were, also, taken by the police, and nobody knows what happened to them. The protesters were urged to shout no more „we want to unite with Romania” and all mass-media was told that they are under the secret police strict eye. Some students were woken up by the police and threatened because they have talken to the press. The borders were closed at 8 o’clock but reopened, at five points because of the protests made by some 150 students that learn in Romania and wanted to go to Chisinau and help their fellow brothers.
Two diplomats, including the ambassador of Romania, were obliged to go home in maximum 24 hours. At about 15.00 the borders were opened again but only for Moldavians, while Romanians can enter the country only with a visa that costs 35 euros. The Moldavian state opened the case which sounds like this: Romanian agitators started a coup d’Etat, fooling the Moldavian students.
On a Romanian television post it was said: is Russia considering to do a army intervention in Moldavia [and] Vladimir Voronin has unleashed hell.

9th of April. Three Romanian journalists were expelled from Moldavia, being considered to have taken part in the protests. Romania tells that the best way no Romanian to be harmed or arrested is not to go in Moldavia. Russia gives their help to the communist party, telling the same: Romania is the one that started all. Students are arrested on the street by the secret police (under cover secret police). No trains nor buses circulate between these two countries. The protests continue, but now, the center idea is for those 200 students arrested and imprisoned, to be released. Some believe the Russians will help the Moldavian government with strenght and army. Maximum 200 students protest now, having their faces covered because they said „we are arrested because the secret police sees us at television, and identifies us”. They said tomorrow, more than 10.000 students will protest once again. They will unite because of a ‘action’ thru the internet and SMS.
The opposition (the protesters) say that the communists have infiltrated in the protests and instigated people to vandalize. It was observed that those that have thrown rocks and, even the person that waved the flag, when on the Parliament (he was captured in a photo, where, near him appeared one or two people dressed in police uniform), were speaking Russian (just like the secret police, when arresting students on the streets). It is thought that this happened because Vladimir Voronin wanted to end all diplomacy with Romania and get closer to Russia.

10th of April. It is 10 o’clock in the morning and the students will restart the protestst. Once again, about 10.000 people are waited in the streets. Even if it was said that „if any national buildings will be attacked again, human sacrifice will be hard to avoid. The police will use anything, even their guns”. The masses want Vladimir Voronin to be no more president and to have those 200 students released. But unfortunately they have no more leaders and theyb start being small in numbers. Three Romanian journalists were released at 2 o’clock, after four hours of sitting at the police HQ. In this moment they are coming back to Romania.
A Moldavian journalist was kidnapped. Moscow helps Moldavia to stop the protests. Wednesday, a airplane came with tear-gas bombs and other anti-protests armament. A Romanian citizen was arrested after, the officials say, had maps with the city, molotov cocktails and photographs with important buildings.
Now, at 1 PM there are some hundreds of protesters, less than was expected, and a lot of television posts there at the site. The police and army are more than the students. They are ready to kill if any violence starts.

12th of April. About 10.000 people of all ages have protested again. They shouted „we want to unite with Romania” „down with the communist regime”. They ask for help from UE and USA. At 11 o’clock there were only 2 cops. Later on, some five firefighter cars and some 400-500 special troops were brought to the Parliament. Cars that wanted to enter Chisinau were stopped and were not allowed to enter the city.
Girls that didn’t want to cooperate with the police were abused sexually.
A young man died after being beaten with cruelty by the police. He was 23.
The High Constitutional Court agreed in renumbering the votes.

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