[A] cookbook [from] the Yes Men

Here are a few thoughts and techniques that may be helpful to you in brainstorming, developing, and carrying out a press-getting activist project. These are rough, so any suggestions are welcome!

Coming up with a project idea

A few tips for generating and brainstorming project ideas.

Getting press for your action

Tips on increasing the chances that your action will be noticed and written about in the mainstream news.

Writing a press release

Most of the things you need to know for writing a press release. You can also find any number of press release writing guides online.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your action

A few little pitfalls to avoid.

Using docs and taking notes

A few simple tips on using collaborative tools to develop a project and the materials needed to carry it out.

General pointers on pulling off press-getting activist projects

How the Yes Men think about putting together, carrying off, and publicizing actions.


[sursa: http://www.yeslab.org/ ]

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