Buruieni #3

Acesta este un numar special al Buruienilor. Am scanat si reprodus aici cateva articole despre miscarile radicale de stanga din spatiul roman din anii 2000. Toate articolele au aparut in revista Abolishing Borders from Below. Aceasta revista a fost un buletin informativ cu informatii in general anarhiste din europa de est. Din pacate, revista nu […]

Anarchists in the Bosnian Uprising (b. traven – CrimethInc)

The past two weeks have seen a fierce new protest movement in Bosnia, commencing with the destruction of government buildings and continuing with the establishment of popular assemblies. Unlike the recent conflicts in Ukraine, this movement has eschewed nationalistic strife to focus on class issues. In a region infamous for ethnic bloodshed, this offers a more […]

The daily recipe of a gold corporation: banning news and chocking protests

Article written by http://www.infoalternative.net and https://centruldecultura.wordpress.com and with the testimonial help of Lavinia Andrei. Pictures and films are publicly shared on facebook.com The purpose of this article is to present to the world how a corporation (in this case, RMGC – Rosia Montana Gold Corporation) can dissimulate information with its power and money. This corporation […]