Buruieni #3


Acesta este un numar special al Buruienilor. Am scanat si reprodus aici cateva articole despre miscarile radicale de stanga din spatiul roman din anii 2000. Toate articolele au aparut in revista Abolishing Borders from Below. Aceasta revista a fost un buletin informativ cu informatii in general anarhiste din europa de est. Din pacate, revista nu se gaseste pe internet. Ceea ce tineti in mana este o selectie facuta cu materiale din arhivele unor infoshop-uri. De aceea pe alocuri calitatea reproducerilor nu este grozava. Textele sunt de obicei scrise de catre persoane de la fata locului. Una din politicile ABB era sa incurajeze exprimarea libera, fara a tine cont prea mult de corectitudinea limbii engleze. Subscriem si noi la aceasta politica, caci ceea ce conteaza cel mai mult e ca oameni din diverse locuri si vremuri sa comunice intre ei. Am inclus luna si anul publicatiei in fiecare caz. Aceasta selectie nu se vrea o istorie recenta a miscarilor din spatiul romanesc. Cel mult, se doreste a aminti ca flacara revoltei a fost tinuta aprinsa timp de  peste zece ani de zile de persoane care au avut curajul sa ridice pumnul impotriva agresiunilor si

injustitiilor comise de stat si capital.

Respect si solidaritate!

Povestile lor fot fi inspiratie pentru noi astazi.

Veti citi povesti despre lupte impotriva razboiului, a granitelor si violentei, despre initiative de informare a publicului, despre antifascism, feminism si anti-rasism, despre colective din diverse orase si despre actiunile lor. Nu am incercat sa impunem o naratiune anume, sa dam explicatii sau contur articolelor de aici. De cele mai multe ori continutul lor se poate intelege de la sine, fara nici o interventie. Totodata, acestea nu sunt toate articolele despre ro ce au aparut in ABB in decursul anilor. Daca aveti alte numere din ABB in care apar materiale pe care nu le-am inclus aici, va rugam sa ne contactati, sau sa le multiplicati voi cum vreti. Lectura placuta! Asteptam orice reactii si sugestii la ciumafaiu@riseup.net

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Anarchists in the Bosnian Uprising (b. traven – CrimethInc)

The past two weeks have seen a fierce new protest movement in Bosnia, commencing with the destruction of government buildings and continuing with the establishment of popular assemblies. Unlike the recent conflicts in Ukraine, this movement has eschewed nationalistic strife to focus on class issues. In a region infamous for ethnic bloodshed, this offers a more promising direction for the Eastern European uprisings to come.

To gain more insight into the protests, we conducted two interviews. The first is with a participant in Mostar, Bosnia, who describes the events firsthand. The second is with a comrade in a nearby part of the Balkans, who explains the larger context of the movement, evaluating its potential to spread to other parts of the region and to challenge capitalism and the state.

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The first week of protests in Romania: another message for international solidarity!

"Family Sunday" (click on image for source)
„Family Sunday” (click on image for source)

Greek version HERE

This is a message for immediate international distribution. Re-post and share!


If you don’t know exactly what’s happening right now in Romania, the motives, more precisely, read this short text, it could give you a clue or two: The two big struggles in Romania: a message for international solidarity!


It’s Monday, and an old man is cleaning in front of my block of flats. It’s quiet outside, as if yesterday was a very big party allover the city. And you could say it was, but not in that certain way.

Yesterday was Sunday, and this meant one whole week of protests in Romania and abroad. It all started because the Government proposed to the Parliament to vote for a law project that will permit the destruction of Roşia Montană, actually, the kick-off of the biggest open-pit mining project in Europe. What remains between a law project and reality is the decision of the Parliament.

But the people said NO. This NO was for gold mining with cyanide, this NO was for shale gas fraking, this NO was for many actions that could damage, for ever, the nature that still surrounds us.

In the first Sunday, the 1st of September, we were more than 15.000 in total, in all the cities that were protesting against gold mining and shale gas fracking. We were more than last year, in 2012, when, for more than 40 days, we protested against the Government. Two Governments fell, and the third, the present one, made more illegal and bad things to the people, than those before it. Including the Roşia Montană project, and shale gas fracking.

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The two big struggles in Romania: a message for international solidarity!

This is a message for immediate international distribution. Re-post and share!


Greek version can be found HERE


Sunday, the 1st of September, will mark the beginning of a new age in the struggles which are carried out in Romania. Protests will occur in more than 10 cities across the country (and more cities are deciding to participate at this nation-wide protest every day) against gold mining and shale gas fracking. The same thing will happen in many cities across Europe and even in North America.

For more than 15 years, there is a struggle against a Canadian gold mining corporation that wants to exploit gold and silver from the Apuseni mountains, in the western part of the country, which would represent the biggest open-pit mining project in Europe. The corporation wishes to erase the village of Roşia Montană and four mountain tops, only to be replaced by a lake full of cyanide. The estimations are that there will be used about 200.000 tons of cyanide, only to process 200 tons of gold and a couple hundred tons of silver! What will be next is a apocalypse, with extremely high chances of toxic catastrophy across Romania, Hungary, the Danube river and even the Black Sea.

People are pressured to leave their homes, and those that remain and resist are going to be expropriated by the paramilitary private police of the company, of course in the name of the state and it’s so called „national interests”. Mass-media has been bought, the same happened to the Government. Three days ago, the Government has passed the law project that will permit this exploitation to occur. What remains between a wish and reality is the decision of the Parliament. And this thing happened even if, for 14 years, the Government admitted that there are many illegal things done by the corporation.

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The daily recipe of a gold corporation: banning news and chocking protests

Article written by http://www.infoalternative.net and https://centruldecultura.wordpress.com and with the testimonial help of Lavinia Andrei. Pictures and films are publicly shared on facebook.com

The purpose of this article is to present to the world how a corporation (in this case, RMGC – Rosia Montana Gold Corporation) can dissimulate information with its power and money. This corporation from Canada is in a constant battle with the people of Romania, and the battle ground is Rosia Montana, in Transylvania –  the oldest mining camp in Romania, being dated back to 131 AD. The mountains have 7 kilometers of Roman galleries used for mining gold, and 73 kilometers of galleries from the medieval times. Archeologists have found 25 Roman tablets that present the Roman law and the origins of the Romanians, that are of an international importance. This beautiful place holds tons and tons of gold and amber, and it may really offer a place to work to many unemployed (that was the main basis for the corporation’s campaign since the beginning, but lately there are rumors that there won’t be working places for villagers at all), but the story is totally different.
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